Name: DAPT
CAS#: 208255-80-5
Chemical Formula: C23H26F2N2O4
Exact Mass: 432.1861
Molecular Weight: 432.4678
Elemental Analysis: C, 63.88; H, 6.06; F, 8.79; N, 6.48; O, 14.80
Description: DAPT, also known GSI-IX, is a potent and selective γ-secretase inhibitor. DAPT is a non-transition-state analogue GSI and is the compound most widely evaluated in experimental models. DAPT causes a reduction in Aβ levels in human primary neuronal cell cultures with IC50 values = 115−200 nM. DAPT blocks Notch signaling in a cell-based assay measuring the activation of the Notch pathway reporter gene with an IC50 = 500 nM. As an inhibitor of Notch, DAPT has also been used in the study of autoimmune and lymphoproliferative diseases.

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