LookPharma is the world leading pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs manufacturers; LookPharma GMP standard factory is located in the Guangxi has a large number of scientists and research project team, mainly the production of large quantities of innovative drugs and generics, through the production process of stable and perfect quality control scheme of pilot to industrial production to provide high quality medical products kg grade and tonnage for customers; Hongkong custom synthesis lab is equipped with high performance liquid chromatography, digital melting point instrument, digital polarimeter, and other equipment, mainly used for custom synthesis of small molecules and pharmaceutical intermediates, products covered by various agonists, inhibitors, and compound library etc.
The development of LookPharma medicine has injected new vitality into the pharmaceutical industry and promoted the pace of Global Innovation Medicine and generic drugs. We are adhering to the concept of “endless service” to provide quality services and products to customers all over the world.