Name: Selisistat
CAS#: 49843-98-3
Chemical Formula: C13H13ClN2O
Exact Mass: 248.0716
Molecular Weight: 248.71
Elemental Analysis: C, 62.78; H, 5.27; Cl, 14.25; N, 11.26; O, 6.43
Description: Selisistat, also known as EX-527, is a SirT1 inhibitor for treatment of Huntington’s disease. EX-527 inhibits Sirtuins by exploiting their unique NAD+-dependent deacetylation mechanism. Galectin-9 in Combination With EX-527 Prolongs the Survival of Cardiac Allografts in Mice After Cardiac Transplantation. Ex-527 is widely used as a major inhibitor of Sirtuin enzymes, which are a family of highly conserved protein deacetylases and have been linked with caloric restriction and aging by modulating energy metabolism, genomic stability, and stress resistance.

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