Luminespib (AUY-922 )

Name: Luminespib (AUY-922 )
CAS#: 747412-49-3
Chemical Formula: C26H31N3O5
Exact Mass: 465.22637
Molecular Weight: 465.54
Elemental Analysis: C, 67.08; H, 6.71; N, 9.03; O, 17.18
Description: Luminespib, also known as AUY-922 (or NVP-AUY922), is a derivative of 4,5-diarylisoxazole and a third-generation heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90) inhibitor with potential antineoplastic activity. Hsp90 inhibitor AUY922 has been shown to bind with high affinity to and inhibit Hsp90, resulting in the proteasomal degradation of oncogenic client proteins; the inhibition of cell proliferation; and the elevation of heat shock protein 72 (Hsp72) in a wide range of human tumor cell lines.

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